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This Kawai K-200 is finished in the color 'mahogany'. The Kawai K200  is an upright piano and is the model that follows the K15, it is a slightly larger model than the K15.


Kawai K200

The new design and reworked sound concept of the K-200 will convince you from the first chord.  The Millennium III ABS carbon action of this Kawai K-200 responds to every nuance in the touch, the solid soundboard made of selected spruce transports the very warm round sound of this piano. The K-200 is the ideal instrument for both and use in  family but also in  private education.



When choosing the best wood, Kawai's wood technology department uses all the senses...  namely seeing, smelling and feeling. Kawai makes the soundboard  made of solid spruce e ensures a very even flame, carefully selected, asymmetrically domed and scientifically tested. They do this because Kawai really sets very high demands on the resonance ratios and an optimal sound.



Thanks in part to a combination of material strength, stability, precision and reliability, Kawai's "Ultra-Responsive Action" is at the top of the piano world. At Kawai pianos, the hammer heads are pressed from 100% first quality wool. in addition  Kawai was one of the first to make the mechanical beam and hammer frame from aluminum, in order to make the mechanisms resistant to influences of the climate, such as the different seasons and temperature and humidity changes. In addition, many other precision parts of the mechanism on Kawai pianos are cast from ABS Styran. ABS Styran  has a high strength and  very little frictional resistance.



The grid construction of the K series pianos are  equipped with a powerful glued wood construction, this ensures a  optimum stability of the entire construction.

Kawai K200 mahogany

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