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De Kawai GL-10, that's affordable quality!

Are you looking for an affordable grand piano that doesn't detract from quality? Stop searching! The Kawai GL10 grand piano is then something for you! We are already completely convinced of this grand piano. But can we also convince you? Let's do our best to tell you more about this fantastic grand piano and why it is definitely one of our favorites!

Briefly about the GL-serie from Kawai This series of grand pianos includes three models: Kawai GL10, Kawai GL30 and Kawai GL50. The successive models are each slightly larger. But it is a series of grand pianos specially made for your living room. So why choose a Kawai GL grand piano? This series features all of the key quality features that have made Kawai instruments the preferred choice of pianists and teachers alike for generations. Conceived and developed with the aim of providing an extraordinary sound and touch that is characterized by many years of durability.

So, enough about the Kawai GL-series, lets get back to our favorite, the Kawai GL10! With its 153cm length, the Kawai GL10 is the smallest piano of the GL series. The successive models are each longer in length and that makes up the amount of space you need to place this grand piano.

1. Colors Kawai GL10 This Kawai GL10 grand piano you can get in two colors:

  • Polished ebony

  • Polished white

2. Dimensions Kawai GL10

  • Length: 153 cm

  • Width: 150 cm

  • Height: 102 cm

  • Weight: 282 kg

Kawai grand pianos impress especially when they whisper, you can play a perfect pianissimo with this Kawai GL10 grand piano.

This grand piano exudes class but also accessibility. Its size makes it an ideal home instrument. The sounds of this grand piano are very expressive and ensure with great dynamics that you as a pianist can play on it with passion. In addition, the grand piano is lighter and more evenly playable, partly thanks to the longer keys. This Kawai GL10 has a very strong construction, which is specially designed for a long life and this grand piano has a solid construction to keep the pulling power of the strings. This is an unprecedented strength for a grand piano, creating extra stability and greater volume for this grand piano. Okay, admitted, we are already a big fan of this piano. And you? Convinced yet? You can always come and test it in our store without obligation, but ATTENTION! there is certainly a chance that you are immediately convinced!


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Ontwerp zonder titel (5).png
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