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In the spotlight, what do you know about the Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent?

Yes we know it, there are a lot of piano types and models! To help you a little, we put a certain piano model in the spotlight every month. We explain more about this piano and why we offer this piano in our shop. Do you want to know more about the Yamaha B2 Silent piano? Then keep reading, but of course you can always come and test it in our store! So this month we put the Yamaha B2 piano , from the B-series from Yamaha, with SC2 Silent system in the spotlight! What does that actually mean B2? Is this piano for you? And why we still firmly believe that this piano is definitely value for money, you can read below!

Briefly about Yamaha's B series We will first provide some more information about the Yamaha B series, which contains three models: Yamaha B1, Yamaha B2 and Yamaha B3. These are also all available in Silent version Anyway, what's special about this series? And who is it for?

This series is specially designed to experience the well-known Yamaha quality at an affordable price, in short, quality pianos for everyone's budget. The B series is ideal for the beginner pianist. Compact, robust and a beautiful design make this the ideal series for every living room. The Yamaha B2 is the B-series middle piano. But what does this actually mean? The B1 is the smallest model in the B series, followed by the B2 and the B3. The higher the number after the B, the bigger the piano. Which piano from the B series to choose depends on your height. This will ensure that you can play your piano comfortably. Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Due to its size and weight, the B2 offers a fantastic and spacious sound with a lot of depth. This model is the perfect choice for the passionate pianist who is also looking for a piano with a budget-friendly price.

1. Colors Yamaha B2 Silent

The Yamaha B2 comes in different colors. In the Yamaha B-series the colors are more or less the same.

  • Polished ebony​​ (mostly picked)

  • Polished ebony chrome edition (name + pedals in chrome)

  • White ebony

  • Mahogany ebony

  • Walnut ebony

  • Cherry satin

2. Dimensions Yamaha B2 Silent

De Yamaha B2 is the middle model from the Yamaha B-series, because its dimensions are bigger than the Yamaha B1piano but smaller than the Yamaha B3 piano.

  • Hight: 113 cm

  • Width: 150 cm

  • Depth: 54 cm

  • Weight: 203 kg

Yamaha SC2 Silent System

When you are used to the feel of an acoustic piano, it can be difficult to switch to a Silent system. With the Yamaha Silent system you can experience the best of both worlds! Because the Silent System is built into the acoustic piano. This ensures that you can play in an acoustic way on this piano as well as in a silent way using headphones.

Yamaha Silent - quality sound

When you activate the Silent function, the hammer handle stoppers are put in place, this means that the hammers will no longer hit the strings but the sound of the piano will be produced digitally. This is a digitally sampled acoustic sound. What does that mean? These sounds have been recorded by Yamaha itself, making the sound heard in the digital way of perfect quality. You play acoustically, the sound is digital, but it is recorded on various instruments from which you can choose, such as a Yamaha CFX. So you play on your B2 and hear the sounds of a Yamaha CFX, isn't it great?


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