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Second hand grand piano from Petrof, that means enjoying a powerful and romantic sound!

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Petrof piano

At this moment Petrof is the largest producer of pianos and grand pianos in Europe. Petrof is available in five continents and they deliver pianos in more than 65 countries in the whole world. More than 630 000 instruments are annually produced by Petrof.

But why do a lot of pianists chose the pianos from Petrof? And why choose this beautiful grand piano of 170 CM from Petrof? We are excited to tell you all about it!

History of Petrof

Petrof was established in the Czech Republic in 1864. The founder 'Antonin Petrof' learned the piano trade in Vienna and together with a cabinetmaker built the first concert grand piano "Petrof". From 1894, Petrof began to export instruments outside the country, which was very exceptional for the time. In 1928, Petrof opened a branch in London with Steinway & Sons. Petrof is currently in the hands of the fifth generation of the family.

About Petrof

What makes Petrof pianos so unique? Over 80% of the production of a Petrof piano is made by hand. Partly thanks to the piano masters and tuners, Petrof's pianos are so great. This creates the romantic sound so characteristic of Petrof pianos and known to pianists around the world. At Petrof, they pay a lot of attention to the finish of the piano. They therefore work with a wide range of different finishes. Petrof pianos are highly regarded by many pianists around the world, especially for their well-known soft, round and romantic sound.

Petrof grand piano 170 cm

This grand piano is a used piano but still in very good condition. This grand piano measures 170cm, making it an ideal size for your living room. This piano is comparable to the P173 'Breeze', the model that Petrof sells now. It has a sweet and romantic sound and it is a piano on which you can effortlessly play inspiring and personal pieces. In addition, this piano is also a feast for the eyes. This month you will receive a reduction of 250 € on this magnificent grand piano! In addition to the other advantages:


  • FREE DELIVERY (in Limburg and on the ground floor)



Curious about this grand piano? Visit our store and simply try out this beautiful grand piano! PS: we cannot guarantee that you will not want to take this piano home immediately!


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