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You want to buy a Yamaha piano? That's buying quality and craftsmanship!

Do you want to buy a Yamaha piano? Yamaha is one of the most known piano brands worldwide. This brand is loved by a lot of pianists. But where does is stands for? And why doe we love it so much? In this new blog you read all about it, and alos what it means that we are 'Premium Yamaha dealer'.

1. The history of Yamaha

The Yamaha company was founded in 1889 by Torakusu Yamaha. Yamaha started producing acoustic pianos around 1900. Yamaha's pianos are produced in Japan. Throughout the 1920s, Yamaha became a great success. From 1950 the development that eventually led to the digital piano began with the first digital organ. From 1970 onwards, stage pianos, keyboards and digital pianos started to resemble how we know them today. Today Yamaha is the largest instrument maker, producing 130,000 acoustic pianos and grand pianos per year. Yamaha is therefore one of the largest piano producers in the world and a well-known name to every pianist. In addition, many music schools and conservatories use Yamaha. But why is this Japanese brand so popular? That is simple! The quality and the sound! The sound appeals to many pianists and keyboardists, from beginner to professional. The clear, dynamic sound is suitable for any genre and offers plenty of room for individual interpretation. A Yamaha piano is simply a very good purchase that will last for many years and will continue to sound beautiful.

“Did you know: The Yamaha logo consists of three tuning forks? If you look closely at the logo you can take them apart. ”

2. Models of Yamaha pianos

Yamaha has a very extensive range. Pianos and grand pianos come in all sizes and types. From compact study pianos to grand concertpianos.

2.1 What Types of Yamaha Acoustic Pianos Yamaha has six series of acoustic pianos. In each series there are still different subdivisions of each model based on size and colors. So what types of Yamaha pianos are there:

  • YAMAHA B: Yamaha acoustic piano models start with Yamaha's B series. This is a very well-known Yamaha series because the B-series from Yamaha has been developed as a study piano and is also a very budget-friendly Yamaha piano series. Within this series you have the Yamaha B1, Yamaha B2 and the Yamaha B3. The B series goes from small - the Yamaha B1 - to big - the Yamaha B3. And is available in different colors as well as with a silent option.

  • YAMAHA P: The Yamaha P series contains two models, namely the Yamaha P121 and the Yamaha P116. These pianos are very focused on the European market. They are affordable upright pianos. Also available in different colors and with the option of the silent system.

  • YAMAHA U: The Yamaha U-series contains two well-known models, namely: the Yamaha U1 and the Yamaha U3. These pianos have been known for years for their durability and unique sonic power. It is both a home and music school piano. The Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U3 are unique pianos to which Yamaha has set very high standards. It is not for nothing that these models are very popular worldwide.

  • YAMAHA YUS: The Yamaha YUS series pianos are built with very high quality materials. These pianos have a very rich sound.

  • YAMAHA SE: The SE series pianos are the higher end of Yamaha. They are very beautiful and characterful pianos built according to traditional European standards but with a Japanese twist.

  • YAMAHA SU: The SU series pianos are very exceptional because they are superior pianos handcrafted by the best craftsmen. Each SU series piano is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and premium materials. This gives you a piano with an exceptional sound palette and a resonance that you will hardly ever encounter in an acoustic upright piano.

2.2 What Types of Yamaha Hybride Piano’s

  • YAMAHA SILENT PIANO: The Yamaha silent system allows the pianist to play silently acoustically. When you switch on the silent system, the hammers no longer hit the strings, but the piano creates a digital piano sound. You can then hear this sound through headphones. So do you want to be able to play day and night? Don't want to disturb anyone? Then the silence system is definitely for you! In principle, this can be installed on most Yamaha models. But the most convenient is of course when you buy a piano that already contains this, such as a Yamaha B1 / 2/3 but also P121, ...

  • TRANSACOUSTIC YAMAHA: In addition to an owl system, the Yamaha transacoustic also has a unique speaker system that allows you to control the volume of your piano in a very natural way. But you can also broaden the piano playing with 20 other digital sounds such as a CFX grand piano, a bosendorfer Imperial, strings, ... This piano even makes it possible to combine your original sound with digital strings. The best-known model in the Yamaha Transacoustic is the U1.

  • YAMAHA DISKLAVIER: The Disklavier from Yamaha is a self-playing Yamaha piano. It is a unique way of performing piano music. This piano does not just play a digital recording, but the hammers also effectively hit the strings, so you also have moving keys. This makes it appear that someone is playing the piano invisibly.

2.3 Yamaha second hand piano’s We also have a wide range of used Yamaha pianos in our shop. This offer can often vary, but because a Yamaha piano, if properly maintained, can often remain in very good condition for a long time, you can also be sure of quality with a second-hand Yamaha piano.

3. Buying a Yamaha piano

You want to buy a Yamaha piano? With us you get the best price guarantee. With us you can find all acoustic and hybrid models from Yamaha, both in store and online. If a model is not in stock, we can certainly order it.

4. Rent a Yamaha piano

Rent a Yamaha piano? Which can! If you are not yet sure about purchase, you can also choose to rent. Hereby you rent a recent Yamaha piano for a year at your home! This can be a Yamaha B1 or Yamaha B2 as well as a Yamaha B3!

5. Yamaha Premium dealer

Because we have a very good long-term cooperation with Yamaha, we can proudly call ourselves Premium dealer of Yamaha, the only one in Limburg! Only Premium Dealers are allowed to sell the top models from the Yamaha range, including the well-known Yamaha S-series and the CF-Series.

6. Why buy a Yamaha piano?

So, why do you choose for a Yamaha Piano? An acoustic piano from Yamaha stands for:

  • Excellent quality

  • Design

  • Bright sound

  • Sustainability

  • Guarantee


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