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The Kawai CN17 is a digital piano. The CN17 is the latest stand model.


Kawai CN17

The CN17 is the latest stand model of the highly regarded digital pianos from Kawai and already offers many equipment features of the Premium models at an attractive price.

RHC II keyboard, Harmonic Imaging sound generation, Bluetooth MIDI, Lesson function and many more options offer you a lot of fun playing and a good start in the world of the piano.



It  new Responsive Hammer Compact II (RHC II) keyboard was developed to authentically reproduce the fine, natural touch of a grand piano. The keyboard is graduated with weights (like an acoustic piano, the touch of the keys in the bass is slightly heavier than in the treble) and the surface of all 88 keys is slightly matted, allowing better control over playing . As with all other Kawai digital piano's keyboard mechanisms, the Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard features a 3-sensor system, in which the strength of the strike is calculated by the movement of the hammers, giving the pianist a very natural playing feel

The RHC II keyboard action also gives experienced pianists the opportunity to express their emotional playing… from the soft pianissimo to the powerful fortissimo.

Annual rental Kawai CN17 digital piano Satin black


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