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The Kawai ES110 is a digital piano. The price for the ES110 is complete, that means INCLUDING keyboard, INCLUDING pedals and INCLUDING upright.


Kawai ES110

The ES110 is the latest model of the highly regarded portable Kawai digital pianos and already offers many of the features of the Premium models, in a lightweight construction at an attractive price.

Kawai's 90-year-old piano building tradition is not only reflected in the construction of first-class acoustic pianos, but also, for example, in the development of the keyboard mechanics of our digital pianos.



It  new Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard  in the ES110 was developed to authentically reproduce the fine, natural touch of a grand piano. The construction of the keyboard without springs naturally adapts the playing feel due to movable hammers.

With 88 keys with nuanced weights, the keyboard of the ES110 offers a very authentic playing feel and is therefore ideal for beginners looking for an entry-level model or also as a second for the experienced pianist who wants to practice at home or on the road after work or on the go. make music.

Kawai ES110 digital piano Satin black


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