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The Kawai GL-50  is a grand piano and the largest grand piano of the GL series.


The new GL wing series from Kawai.

The GL grand piano series has all the important quality features that have made Kawai instruments the preferred choice of pianists and teachers for several generations. Conceived and developed with the aim of providing an extraordinary tone and touch that will last for many years to come.  For more than 85 years, Kawai has been developing modern pianos and grand pianos with new ideas, innovative techniques and the best materials in order to keep the art of piano building at the highest level of contemporary technology. Drawing on the experience and tradition of almost 90 years, we have developed our worldwide recognized know-how, which gives the instruments their precise touch, beautiful sound and exceptionally long life. Those are the main benefits of the Kawai instruments that you will notice today and in the future.


Millennium III mechanical ABS carbon

The Millennium III mechanism contains ABS carbon parts. This composite raw material consists of our patented ABS styran in combination with ABS carbon. Carbon fibers are extremely robust and durable. Therefore, parts of the mechanism can be made lighter without sacrificing strength and stability. The result is a more precise, faster mechanism that has better power transmission, precise control and higher stability than conventional wooden mechanisms.


Longer keys

Longer keys give you better control and a lighter and more even playing feel. A larger diameter and a length oriented to the concert grand piano stabilize the fingerboard and allow exceptional energy transfer in order to achieve maximum sound volume.


Kawai Gl-50 grand piano high gloss black


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