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The kawai GX7 is a grand piano and is the largest grand piano in the GX series.



At the top of the GX series is the GX-7, which, due to its tonal character and natural authority, is the first choice of every professional pianist.

The new design of the GX wings exceeds all expectations. The most modern technology was united with traditional craftsmanship. The knowledge and years of experience have been passed on from generation to generation and thus define the philosophy of Japanese grand piano construction. The result is a new lightness of touch, which is particularly appreciated by the best pianists, and a full, lively and highly expressive sound, which inspires the creative passion of every musician. A new era in wing construction has begun.



The new GX Series features the expressive touch of a concert grand piano and is so cultured that only the top of concert pianists can enjoy it.  To achieve this ambitious goal, the entire keyboard has been significantly extended, resulting in a balanced playing weight between the white and black keys. This balance gives the pianist more possibilities for expression and the playing style becomes even more precise.  In addition, the further developed Millennium III mechanism is used in the GX series, which consists, among other things, of a combination of ABS hearts and carbon fibres, and thus ensures a very precise playing feel. This ABS-carbon compound is very strong as well as extremely light, resistant and extremely precise. That is why this material connection is also used in aviation. ABS carbon has a higher quality in every respect than the raw material wood. This evolution in the mechanics can be experienced by every pianist with every touch of a key, from the first to the last note.



To produce the unique Kawai sound, a wide variety of woods are meticulously examined for quality and character before selecting the best materials for their respective task. The wood of the soundboard has the greatest influence on the sound of a grand piano. That is why these woods are selected according to strict rules and standards by the most experienced craftsmen in order to achieve full, deep bass tones as well as brilliant, long-lasting tones in the treble. In addition to the spruce wood with very fine growth rings for the soundboard, the hard woods for the comb and ribs and the materials of the inner case are also selected with the greatest care. Properties of different hard woods are combined and glued together in a hybrid construction method. This construction method produces a wide spectrum of sounds, supports the warmth of the low tones and makes the tones in the treble shine.


In addition to the fuller and more spacious sound image thus achieved, which gives every pianist the opportunity for greater expressiveness, the overall stability of the GX construction has also been increased. The lock frame, which is permanently connected to the outer box, has been widened. It is firmly connected to the tuning block by steel screws. Due to this change, the tuning block absorbs the 20 tons of pulling force of the strings even better and the tuning is also improved. In addition, the tuning stability is supported by stronger tuning pins. This further development allowed each individual tone to be improved, allowing the three-dimensional sound of the GX grand piano to unfold even better.

Kawai GX7 grand piano high gloss black