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The Kawai K-200  ATX3  is an upright piano equipped with the Anytime X2 system from Kawai.


Kawai ATX3

The impact of the hammers on the strings causes a vibration at the strings and the soundboard. This allows the warm, natural and unmistakable sound of an acoustic piano to unfold.

On an excellent piano, pianists play with spontaneity and passion. However, this enthusiastic form of expression is not always welcome. There are always situations and environments where the piano playing is experienced as disturbing. For example, when children practice scales, while other family members want to watch TV quietly. Even playing a quiet Prélude by Chopin can - after a shorter or longer time - disturb the neighbors.

The AnyTimeX3 models are equipped with noise suppression for the acoustic part of the keyboard and high-quality digital piano technology. These options allow the pianist to always enjoy the playing feel of a traditional piano and not disturb anyone by using headphones. Included in the delivery of the AnyTimeX3 models are the newly developed Kawai headphones SH-9. It is specially adapted to the integrated sound generation of the instruments.



In addition to the MIDI connectors, which can be used to connect to other MIDI devices, the AnyTimeX3 models are also equipped with Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth Audio technology, which enable wireless communication with supported Smart Devices (e.g. smartphone or tablet). Once the AnyTimeX3 models are connected to a smartphone, tablet or other intelligent device, the owner can conveniently use a wide selection of music-related apps or e.g. his audio files stored on a linked product in connection with his instrument. wirelessly through the connected headphones of the AnyTimeX3 models.

* The Bluetooth functionality is not available in every sales country in the AnyTimeX3 models 



When choosing the best wood, Kawai's wood technology department uses all the senses… sight, smell and touch. The soundboard is made of solid spruce with a very even flame, carefully selected, asymmetrically domed and scientifically tested. This is because Kawai places very high demands on resonance ratios and an optimal sound.



Through a combination of material strength, stability, precision and reliability, Kawai's "Ultra-Responsive Action" is at the top. The hammer heads are pressed from 100% first quality wool. To make the mechanisms resistant to climate influences, such as the different seasons and temperature and humidity changes, Kawai was one of the first to make the mechanism beam and hammer frame from aluminum. Many other precision parts of the mechanism are cast from ABS Styran. This has a high strength and very little frictional resistance.



The lattice construction of the K series is equipped with a strong glued wood construction which guarantees optimum stability of the entire construction.

Kawai K200 ATX3 black high gloss

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