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Rent a B1-Piano from €48/month.

Renting a piano from us has advantages:

  • Latest models
  • Quality brands such as Yamaha and Kawai
  • Free delivery on the ground floor
  • Deduction possible with purchase


Do you still want to buy an instrument after renting it? Which can! With us you can deduct up to 2 years' rent from the total price when purchasing a new instrument.


Yamaha B1

The Yamaha B1 upright piano is a very good purchase as a step model.

This is a very suitable instrument for the beginning pianist.  A smaller model with a soft sound and with its 109 cm  completely resigned  on the Yamaha principles, which have long proven their worth. For a compact budget, well below the asking price for competition models, the Yamaha b1 offers a surprising amount of Yamaha quality and music enjoyment.




Annual rent Yamaha B1 piano

    • Type: Buffetpiano
    • Afmetingen: 113 CM
    • Breedte: 149 cm
    • Diepte: 54 cm
    • Gewicht: 194 kg
    • Kleur: Zwart Hoogglans 

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