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The Yamaha GB1 is a grand piano. This grand piano is the most compact of Yamaha's range of grand pianos. Very suitable for living rooms and for smaller spaces.


Yamaha GB1

The Yamaha GB1 has a very elegant appearance. The GB1 has a quality sound and resonance that makes it a full-fledged grand piano. The GB1 is an entry-level model, the smallest of the grand pianos and this is where the focus is  clearly on the dimensions, affordability and design.


Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)

In a grand piano, strings and sound resonate throughout the body of the instrument, resulting in rich sound reflections that envelop the listener in sound. Not only will the strings you play vibrate, but the other strings will also sound in response to the strings you play. That's why piano sound is so complex and rich. This phenomenon is perfectly reproduced on the Silent piano via Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), which calculates the different stages of the strings for each of the 88 keys of the keyboard from one moment to the next. 



If you like the feel and sound of an acoustic piano but also want to be able to play without disturbing others, the SILENT piano may be for you.

When the Yamaha SILENT Piano function is active, the hammers no longer hit the strings. Instead, high-quality sensor technology records every key movement and sends this information to a digital sound generator. You can play your acoustic piano through your headphones at any time of the day or night, without disturbing others or being disturbed yourself. Thanks to the unique Yamaha silence system, it is possible to practice at any time. In addition, the system offers many other functions. The system has numerous pre-installed timbres, you can record your performances with it and you can also connect to smart devices for using Apps.


Smart Pianist app

Have you ever tried to figure out which chords are played in your favorite songs? The Smart Pianist app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad helps you practice and perform songs by analyzing the audio song stored on your iOS device and then displaying the chord symbols for you.


grand pianos

Yamaha grand pianos have a worldwide reputation as instruments of excellence in quality and value. Known for their eloquent expressive range and for their reliable performance over time, they play an important role in the performing arts and music education. They are consistently among the most highly recommended pianos by piano tuners/technicians and a leading choice of pianists at all levels, around the world. Yamaha's reputation is built on a centuries-old tradition of uncompromising care and craftsmanship, supported by an unparalleled range of integrated expertise, first-class manufacturing facilities and exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Yamaha's strength in the full range of relevant technologies allows them to manufacture virtually every part of any piano in-house - an approach that has helped make significant progress and has long been recognized as the industry standard in quality control.  Balancing the very latest technology and innovation with the timeless skills of expert craftsmen, Yamaha pianos represent an unsurpassed standard of affordable excellence. It is a standard that is gaining increasing acclaim and making Yamaha grand pianos the first choice of many of the world's most discerning pianists.

Yamaha GB1 SC2 Silent PE grand piano high gloss black