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The Yamaha U1 TA2. is an acoustic upright piano, equipped with Yamaha's transacoustic system. The latest system to produce an acoustic sound from digital sources.


Yamaha TA

Digital has never been so natural.

The TransAcoustic piano is a new way to connect musically with your instrument. The elements of the acoustic piano are used to expand and amplify digital sounds to enhance playback. The sound reproduction of the TransAcoustic piano is more enveloping than the most advanced speaker system. By expanding the acoustic sound of the piano, you can recreate a faithful reproduction of a 3-meter Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, simulate an electric piano or strings by lowering the volume of the instrument for a more intimate atmosphere, or turn on the SILENT mechanism to to play without disturbing anyone.


Yamaha U Series

The U series pianos are more widely regarded worldwide as a leading teaching instrument. Pianos from the U series are ideal for learning to play the piano at home or in an educational institution. The large soundboard of these pianos provides a rich and full sound with even timbre throughout the range of the keyboard. Thanks to the specially designed hammers, each model has an exceptional long production life and long life; which makes them ideal for intensive use.



Yamaha U1 TA2 piano PE Black high gloss

€17,288.00 Regular Price
€15,559.20Sale Price

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