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The Kawai CN39 is a digital piano, and is the largest of the CN series. With us you can also rent a digital piano from Kawai, such as this CN39 digital piano.


Kawai CN39

With the CN39, the hitherto existing model CN37 gets a worthy successor. In collaboration with the  Premium Audio Manufacturer ONKYO  developed, the CN39 offers the latest audio and speaker technology. The very readable new  OLED display  simplifies operation. In addition to the hitherto available  Bluetooth MIDI  Standard now also offers the CN39  Bluetooth Audio  connectivity, so music can be easily played from the smartphone or tablet. In addition, in addition to an improved Shigeru Kawai grand piano sound, the large sound library contains many new sounds such as the Shigeru Kawai SK5 grand piano, Electric Grand, new E-pianos, a new harpsichord and much more.

Authentic playing feel and excellent piano sound are the main ingredients of the excellent Kawai CN39 digital piano. It  RH3 keyboard  of  Ivory Touch  surface,  pressure point simulation  And his  3-way sensor system  as well as sound generation with up to  256 notes polyphony  and  the speaker system  with loudspeakers radiating upwards in the mid and high tones, are just a few of the many innovations.

With a traditional design and attractive color variants such as Premium Rosewood, Premium Black Satin and Premium White Satin, the new model CN39 once again sets new standards in performance, quality and value in this price range.  Experienced players will certainly like the  Dual - or  Use split mode and utilize the extensive additional sound range. Thanks to the MIDI and audio connections on a computer or through the USB to Device connection, you can also record and playback your performance directly from the instrument to a USB stick (e.g. in the format  MP3  or  WAV ) is possible. Thanks to the Bluetooth MIDI functionality, MIDI data can now also be transferred without a cable.



The Responsive Hammer III(RHIII) action of the CN39 digital piano has several features of a grand piano action that are absolutely necessary for realizing realistic movements. Last but not least, thanks to the precise 3-sensor technology, the musician can expect a very natural playing feeling. The weight of the keys is graduated to accommodate the heavier hammers in the bass and the lighter hammers in the treble of a mechanical piano, while structural reinforcements in the action guarantee greater stability in fortissimo and staccato passages. In addition, the CN39 digital piano features "Ivory Touch" key surfaces from Kawai. These support the game by absorbing perspiration from the fingers. In addition, the keyboard of the CN39 is equipped with a pressure point simulation, which ensures perfect control when playing pianissimo.

Annual rental Kawai CN39 digital piano Satin black


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